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Complaints Policy and Procedure

Complaints Handling Policy Statement


Fleetway Rentals is committed to providing an efficient and reliable service for its clients.  Continuous improvement is always at the forefront of the Team and every business decision whether that is technology, policies, procedures and the quality of its vehicles.  The purpose of this policy is to provide a clear statement of intent with regards to the assessment, handling and investigation of customer complaints.


The aim of this policy is to ensure that all customer complaints, either written or verbal, are handled in a consistent and regulated manner and that further complaint incidents are mitigated and where possible, prevented.  Where a customer has cause to complain, the complaints handling procedure will be followed in every instance and a record will be made of the complaint nature and details to help improve our services and reduce the occurrence of similar complaints.


Complaints Handling Procedure


  1. Complaints will be investigated and responded to within 5 working days from the initial customer contact.
  2. Complaint responses will always be provided in writing (unless the complaint is verbal at the point of vehicle check-in, when the member of the team will aim to resolve your complaint satisfactory at that point).
  3. All complaints will be investigated by a trained member of the team and a full outcome summary provided to a Director.
  4. Customers who request Fleetway Rentals handling procedure will be provided a copy of the procedure by email or post and will be asked to raise their complaint in writing as soon as possible after the incident. Fleetway Rentals Complaints Policy and Procedure can also be found on their website fleetwayrentalsco.uk
  5. Where a complaint is related to the processing of personal data, this policy ensures that Fleetway Rentals complies with the data protection laws and notification requirements. Every individual has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority (ICO) where they consider that the processing of personal data relating to them infringes the General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) or we have breached data protection law.  All individuals using our products and services and those employed by us are notified of this right via our Privacy Notice.
  6. Should any Customer be dissatisfied with the handling of a complaint at any time, they should inform the Team member who can escalate the complaint to a Director, who will investigate the complaint fully and provide to the Customer a detailed response of their findings and their final decision.
  7. If the Customer is still dissatisfied having followed all the stages of the above, they will be advised to contact BVRLA’s Dispute Resolution Service. Details of this procedure can be found at https://bvrla.co.uk/consumer-advice/making-a-complaint-adr.html  If the Customer does not have access to the internet, details can be sent by post to:

British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association
River Lodge, Badminton Court

  1. The BVRLA will aim to resolve the matter using the information presented by both parties to the dispute. Any information requested from the member should be sent to the BVRLA within 5 working days.  Based on the information available, the BVRLA aims to resolve complaints through the Dispute Resolution Service within 30 days.